Tools are implements to help in building or making.  The term can be applied very broadly, but is usually understood to refer to the hand tools employed in industry or artisanry.

For woodworking tools, see:  adze, awl, axe, chisel, drawknife, float, gimlet, hammer, knife, plane, saw.  See also nail, square.

For metalworking tools, see:  anvil, graver, hammer, punch, tongs.

For tools involving cloth, clothing, or thread, see:  broach, drop-spindle, hempbreak, knife, loom, shearsspinning wheel.  See also comb (wool), needle, quill of yarnshuttle, spool of thread.

For gardening or agricultural tools, see:  adze, axe, fork, harrow, hoe, plough, pruning hook, rake, scythe, sicklespade, trowel.

For tools related to food and drink preparation, see:  brewer’s scoopforkfrying pan, knife, mash rakepotspoon, strainer.  See also cleaver, oven, sieve.

For building or stoneworking tools, see:  axe, chisel, hammer, knife, level, pick, saw, trowel.  See also ladder.

For other entries, see:  brush, grozing iron, press, shave.

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