Spade; Shovel

Spade (Period); shovel (Period)

Spade (Period); shovel (Period)

A spade is a digging tool, with a broad pointed blade attached to a long handle.  The blade is frequently drawn with an iron edge reinforcement.  The spade is a period charge, found in the allusive arms (German graben, “to dig”) of von Grabmer or Graben, c.1450 [Ingeram 14; also Siebmacher 44].

If the blade is square instead of pointed, the tool may be termed a “shovel” [Franklyn 309], but such artistic distinction carries no heraldic difference.

The spade and shovel are palewise by default.  Society usage places them with their blades to base by default; this seems to follow English usage [Parker 543], though contrary to German usage.  For related charges, see hoe, trowel.

Aurelia Ruhlander bears: Sable, two spades inverted in saltire Or.

John Gardener of Barley Marsh bears: Per chevron vert and bendy Or and sable, in chief two shovels Or.

Johannes Stürmære bears: Per bend gules and sable, a shovel bendwise sinister argent.

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