Estencely (Period)

Estencely (Period)

Sparks are tiny flashes of light or radiance.  In early Norman heraldry, a field semy of sparks was termed “estencelé”, and was not uncommon [Brault 197].  Estencelé, or estencely, is only found as a semy field; its sparks are not used as individual charges.  In mundane armory, estencely is considered negligibly different from a semy of estoiles or mullets.  See also ermine spot, semy.

François la Flamme bears:  Vert estencely Or.

Brigitta da Montanha da Fogo bears:  Or estencely, a mountain gules.

Thomas of Tenby bears:  Party of six sable semy of sparks argent and argent, a martlet displayed gules.

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