Mistholme is my compendium for medieval heraldry, with emphasis on its design and use in medieval and Renaissance re-creation.  The latest version of the Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry is kept here, as well as any monographs or interesting tidbits that I may post from time to time.

I’m always interested in constructive feedback, so feel free to contact me.

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Teaching Regional Styles at West Kingdom Collegium

So the Kingdom of the West is holding a small, informal Heraldic Collegium, and I’ll be one of the teachers.  I plan to reprise my class on Regional Heraldic Styles — expanded a bit from when I taught it at Collegium Caidis, a couple of years ago — along with a class comparing the Society’s core heraldic style with those available through an Individually Attested Pattern.

The Collegium is on Saturday, 15 Nov 2014, in Walnut Creek, CA.  Details are available on the West Kingdom’s website, at http://www.westkingdom.org/as49/nov/heralds-collegium if you’re interested.  If you find yourself in the area, feel free to drop in!

Heraldic tabards at KWHSS

My wife and I taught our class on Heraldic Tabard Construction at KWHSS this weekend, and it was fun!  Lots of interest in both the slide presentation and the hands-on practicum.  As I promised, I have posted the handouts for the class here on the website, under “Miscellany“, but let me also provide them here.

Just so you’ll know, I intend to post the notes from previous years’ classes here as well, as time permits.  Watch this space.

tablayout1          tablayout2          tablayout3          Tabard Construction          English          Continental          German

Vox populi, vox silentii

I didn’t receive much response to my last post, so I will now announce:  I intend to have all the text entries for Pictorial Dictionary 3 entered by the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium.  I’ll add the illustrations later, as quickly as I can.

Note that I may always return to an entry and edit it — either the text or the illustration — as I think of improvements.

Also, my previous offer stands:  if there’s a charge not yet posted to the PicDic, and you want it to “jump the queue”, I will always give preference to those who support the site.  Make a donation, in whatever amount you think appropriate, and let me know in the comments.

PicDic update, redux

Last night I realized that I had inadvertently posted an obsolete entry:  both the text and the illustration for the entry “Martlet” had been revised, but the revision wasn’t what was posted.  I have since corrected both the text and the illustration.  Sorry about that, folks.

Also, as a genuine question, but also to see who’s reading this:  would people find it helpful if I were to simply post the texts of the entries, forgoing the illustrations for the moment, if it meant the entire Dictionary were available?  I’d go back and add the illustrations, of course, but at least the text would be there.  If you’ve an opinion, please share it with me.

PicDic status report

Currently, the Pictorial Dictionary entries include everything up through “Lily”.  Oh, and leaping forward a bit, the entry for “Punner”, with thanks to Cormac Mor.  More to come as quickly as I can post.

Hello world!

Hello!  For those who’ve found their way here, this site is seriously under construction.  Trust me, I will have a grand announcement when I’m ready to share with the world.  Thank you for being patient.