Regional Style Overview, 2014

So a few years back, I taught a class at Collegium Caidis:  a very brief overview of the differences between the heraldic style of, say, Germany, with that of Spain… or Poland, or England.  The class was a slide presentation, with many images of armory taken from period sources.  I didn’t have a chance to prepare a class handout.

In November 2014, I was invited to teach at a small Heraldic Collegium in the West Kingdom, and I taught the class again.  This time I had a class handout.  I’ve since included ideas from a similar class taught by Mistress Emma de Fetherstan, but the main outline of the class remains mine.

Sadly, I can’t include the images on this site (since many of them are from copyrighted sources), but I’ve included the handout here for everyone.  If you wish to share this with others, please direct them to this page.


UPDATE:  I went on to teach the class again at the Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium, held in Toronto in June 2015, and the class was videotaped.  The quality is not ideal — some of the projected images weren’t captured on the camera, for some reason — but I think it’s decent.  My thanks to the wonderful folks who organized and ran the Symposium!

The video is on YouTube, and the link is here.