Sickle (Period)

Sickle (Period)

A sickle is a crescent-shaped blade with a short handle, used for cutting grasses and weeds; it is also known as a “reaping hook”.  It’s a period charge, found as early as c.1340, in the arms of Zürnler [Zurich 323].  The blade is to chief, embowed to sinister, by default.  For related charges, see pruning hook, scythe.  See also knife.

Ian the Strange bears:  Sable, a sickle argent.

Rorik Gunnulfsson bears:  Sable, a sickle fesswise, blade to chief, within a bordure all Or.

Meyer von Koch bears:  Sable, on a heart throughout Or, in pale a reaping hook sable and a pellet.

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