Shuttle, weaver’s

Weaver's shuttle (Period)

Weaver’s shuttle (Period)

Two forms of stick shuttle (Accepted)

Two forms of stick shuttle (Accepted)

A weaver’s shuttle is a cloth-maker’s tool, containing a spool of the woof thread, which it carries back and forth between the warp threads strung in the loom.  The default heraldic form can be more fully described as a “boat shuttle”; it was also blazoned in period armory as a “navette”.  The shuttle is a period heraldic charge, found in arms granted in 1490 to the Worshipful Company of Weavers [Bromley & Child 263].  The shuttle is fesswise by default.

There is also a “stick shuttle”, a more primitive implement unique to Society heraldry; it is shown in two slightly different forms.  (The first form was at one time misblazoned in the Society as a “weaver’s slea“, but that error has been corrected.)

For related charges, see drop-spindle, quill of yarn.

Marielle de Rivage du Corbeau bears:  Azure, in fess two weavers’ shuttles palewise argent.

Unn Sigurdsdotter bears:  Per chevron argent and vert, a weaver’s shuttle argent.

Catherine of Gordonhall bears:  Purpure, a stick shuttle and a needle in saltire argent, both threaded with the same thread, in base a rose Or, barbed and seeded vert, all within a bordure invected Or.

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