Slea, weaver’s

Weaver's slea (Accepted)

Weaver’s slea (Accepted)

A weaver’s slea (also spelled “slay”) is a frame strung with parallel wires, used on a loom to keep the warp threads separate; modern weavers call it the “reed”.  The weaver’s slea is found in mundane heraldry, in the arms of the Weaver’s Company of Exeter [Parker 613], but has not yet been found in period heraldry.  The weaver’s slea is fesswise by default; its “proper” tincture is brown with black wires.

Emelyn Gunnarsdóttir bears:  Azure, six bees in annulo tails inward proper, on a chief embattled Or a weaver’s slea proper.

Medb ingen Dúngaile bears:  Azure fretty argent, a weaver’s slea and a bordure Or.

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