Scythe (Period)

Scythe (Period)

A scythe is an agricultural tool with a curved single-edged blade on a long bent handle; it is used to cut long grass, grain, &c.  It’s a period charge, used in the arms of Prers c.1295 [ANA2 548].  The scythe has its blade to chief by default.

The scythe blade alone is also found as a charge, as in the arms of Neynlinger, c.1450 [Ingeram 25]; indeed, the blade would appear to be a more common charge in period than the full scythe.  For related charges, see pruning hook, sickle.  See also pole-arm (war-scythe).

Alric of Couentreu bears:  Sable, a scythe Or.

John Morgan of Caerleon bears:  Per pale sable and purpure, in saltire two scythes argent.

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