Spool of thread

Spool of thread (Accepted)

Spool of thread (Accepted)

A spool of thread is a flanged cylinder on which thread or yarn is stored.  The type documented for Society armory is a spinner’s bobbin for plied thread; it was taken from the painting “Soffitto della Sala di Penelope” by Giovanni Stradano, c.1560 [Landini & Niccoli, Moda a Firenze 1540-1580, 2005, p.21].  This form of bobbin has not been found in period armory, but it serves the same basic function as the quill of yarn.

For related charges, see drop-spindle, lace bobbin.  See also shuttle (weaver’s).

Ekaterina Vladimirovna bears:  Or, a domestic cat sejant affronty head to dexter gules gorged with a pearled coronet argent and on a chief urdy azure three spools of thread Or.

Chrestienne Chabrier bears:  Azure, a dragon’s head erased Or and on a chief invected argent, three spools of thread vert.

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