Lace bobbin

Lace bobbin (Accepted)

Lace bobbin (Accepted)

A lace bobbin is a small spindle on which thread is wound, used in the manufacture of lace.  Though lace, and the tools for making it, date from the 16th Century [EB XVI:39], the lace bobbin itself doesn’t appear to have been used in period armory.  The lace bobbin is palewise, handle to base, by Society default; when blazoned “proper”, the lace bobbin is brown, the color of wood.  For related charges, see drop-spindle, quill of yarn.  See also broach (embroiderer’s), spool of thread.

Britta Jonasdotter bears:  Azure, six lace bobbins in chevron inverted Or, threaded argent, the threads issuant from a bezant in chief.

Jeanna of Melton bears:  Azure, a lace bobbin argent.

Ingrid von Eichenkamp bears:  Or, in bend two lace bobbins bendwise sinister vert.

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