Labyrinth (Period)

Labyrinth (Period)

A labyrinth is a complex maze pattern, designed to baffle those who walk it.  The original labyrinth, in Greek myth, was the home of the Minotaur of Crete.  In medieval times, labyrinths were incorporated into the pavement of churches, to symbolize pilgrimage and the path to God.  In this form, it was used as the devise (impresa) of de Laval de Bois-Dauphin, Archbishop of Embrun, 1555 [Mathews, Mazes and Labyrinths, 1970, pp.96-97].  The illustration is taken from de Laval’s devise.

Joorkin Volz bears:  Azure, a labyrinth argent.

Chiara Calandra bears:  Vert, a labyrinth and on a chief Or three clews of yarn vert.

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