Square, carpenter’s

Carpenter's square, point to dexter chief (Period)

Carpenter’s square, point to dexter chief (Period)

A carpenter’s square, or squire, is an L-shaped instrument, used for truing right angles; the edges are often marked as rulers, though this is artistic license.  It is found in the arms of Atlow, c.1520 [DBA2 401].  A similar charge, the “engineer’s square”, is found in the canting arms (German Winkel) of Wynckler or Winckler, c.1450 [Ingeram 25; also Siebmacher 161].

The square doesn’t seem to have a default orientation; it must be specifically blazoned; but period examples always display the square with one arm vertical and the other horizontal.  The illustration shows a carpenter’s square, point to dexter chief.

Thomas Quilliam bears:  Azure, a carpenter’s square, point to chief argent.

Maimuna al-Bukhariyya bears as a badge:  Argent, a carpenter’s square palewise, corner to dexter chief gules.

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