Squirrel (Period)

Squirrel maintaining a nut (Period)

The squirrel is a small tree-dwelling beast of the rodent family, whose medieval reputation was of diligence and, oddly, anger.  It is a period charge, found in the arms of Hadlaub, c.1340 [Zurich 478].

The squirrel is sejant erect by default.  In that posture, it’s often drawn maintaining a nut between its forepaws, even when not specifically blazoned (though it frequently is).

Regana van Kortrijk bears:  Azure, a squirrel argent.

Peregrine Fairchylde bears:  Vair, a squirrel rampant gules.

Joscelin le esqurel bears:  Sable, in pale three squirrels courant Or.

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