Pick (Period)

Pick (Period)

A pick is a mining tool for breaking up rock, soil, &c.  It is found in the canting arms of Pycot, 1357 [DBA2 483]; it may also be termed a “pick-axe” or “miner’s pick”.  The pick’s head was usually shown single-pointed in period emblazons; the point faced dexter by default, as in the illustration.  Double-pointed picks were seldom found in period armory, but an example is seen in the canting arms (dial. Italian ponzón, “spike”) of di Ponzo, mid-15th C. [Triv 283]; this variation of form is left unblazoned in the Society.  For related charges, see axe, hammer.

Gerwald of Devon the Miner bears:  Per chevron inverted azure and argent, in chief a pickaxe bendwise argent, a base embattled vert.

Francisco Sanchez Pancho bears:  Sable, two pickaxes in saltire argent.

James Odo bears as a badge:  A pickaxe Or.

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