Cleaver (Period)

Cleaver (Period)

A cleaver is a wide, massive blade intended to chop meat into more readily edible portions.  The cleaver’s blade might vary in emblazons, as it did for the artifacts themselves, but was always broad and basically rectangular in shape.  It’s a period charge, found in the arms of von Altbach, c.1525 [BSB Cod.Icon 392d:544, 545; cf. also Hausbuch der Mendelschen, c.1436, in Amman xl].

The cleaver is palewise, handle to base and cutting edge to dexter, by default.  See also knife.

Erich Küchengehilfe bears:  Per bend sinister vert and sable, a cleaver bendwise sinister reversed argent.

Nicolae la bouchiere bears:  Per pale argent and azure, a cleaver bendwise sinister counterchanged.

Tymoteusz Konikokrad bears:  Argent, two orcas in pale sable marked argent between three meat cleavers palewise sable.

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