Mash rake

Mash rake (Accepted)

Mash rake (Accepted)

A mash rake is a tool used by brewers, with a long handle and cross-barred tines.  It was used to churn the mash and keep it well mixed while steeping.  The mash rake was the attribute of St. Arnold of Soissons:  the illustration was taken from a mid-15th C. image of the saint, in the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent.  A similar artifact, possibly a mash rake, is found in the arms of Meilenhofter, mid-16th Century [NW 47].  For related charges, see fork.

The Baron of Mordenvale’s Company of Brewers bears:  Per chevron vert and gules, two mash rakes in saltire Or.

Iago Cabrera de Cadiz bears:  Sable, a mash rake Or.

Giles Ballard bears:  Gules, a mash rake argent.

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