Drawknife (Period)

Drawknife (Period)

A drawknife is a carpenter’s tool for smoothing wood, consisting of a long-edged knife with a handle at either end.  It’s a period charge, found in the canting arms (German schaben, “to scrape”) of von Schaben, 1605 [Siebmacher 139].  The drawknife is fesswise, handles and cutting edge to base, by default.  For related charges, see shave.  See also float, plane.

Alrikr Timber-quaker bears:  Per saltire gules and sable, a drawknife and a bordure dovetailed argent.

Abrahe çaragoça bears:  Or, on a fess dovetailed gules a drawknife Or.

Ailill mac Duib Dara bears as a badge:  A drawknife argent.

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