Cylindrical sundial (Accepted)

Cylindrical sundial (Accepted)

A sundial is a timepiece, whereon a gnomon casts a shadow on a graduated surface; the position of the shadow shows the time of day.  There are many types of sundials; the exact form must be specified in the blazon.  The illustration shows a cylindrical sundial, also called a “shepherd’s dial”; the artifact was known and used from ancient Rome to Elizabethan England [Hester Higton, Sundials: An Illustrated History of Portable Dials, 2001, pp.13-18].  No form of sundial has been found in period armory.

For related charges, see quadrant.  See also astrolabe, clock, equatorium, sphere.

Manus le Dragonier bears as a badge:  A cylindrical sundial argent.

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