Sunburst (Period)

Sunburst (Period)

A sunburst is a group of sun’s rays, issuing from clouds.  It has been a Royal badge of England since Edward III [HB 96].  The sunburst has its rays to chief by default.

At one time, sunbursts Or were disallowed in Society armory, as being unique to the Plantagenets; but as sunbursts Or were later shown to have been used by others as well, they are now as permissible as sunbursts of other tinctures.

See also heavenly bodies.

Dag Eriksson bears:  Per pale purpure and azure, three sunbursts Or issuant from clouds argent.

Konstantin von Bayern bears:  Per pale azure and sable, a sunburst inverted Or clouded argent.

Tigranes of Bezabde bears:  Argent, a sunburst gules issuant from clouds sable, a bordure gules.

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