Quadrant (Accepted)

Quadrant (Accepted)

A quadrant is a period astronomical instrument used for measuring elevation from the horizon.  It consists of a graduated quarter-circle (hence the name) with a movable index and a sight; an example with heraldic interest is a horary quadrant engraved with the badge of Richard II, 1399 [Marks & Payne 35].  For related charges, see astrolabe, sphere, sundial.

Iosif of Novgorod bears:  Sable, on a bend sinister embattled counter-embattled argent between in chief three estoiles and in base a quadrant Or, a scarpe gules.

Christoforo Antonio Passavanti bears:  Sable, a quadrant Or.

Gosfrei Kempe bears as a badge:  Or, a quadrant gules.

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