Ribbon (Disallowed)

Ribbon (Disallowed)

A ribbon, or riband, is a long narrow strip of silk, linen, &c.  Though the ribbon had at one time been used as a charge in its own right in Society heraldry, the practice is now disallowed.  Ribbons may still be used, however, in conjunction with another charge:  e.g., as the decoration on a chaplet.

Sometimes the term “riband” was used to mean a diminutive of the bend by 19th Century heraldic writers, but it is more often used in its normal sense; and always so in Society heraldry.  For related charges, see escroll.

The Gyllene bandets orden, of Nordmark, bears:  A ribbon Or.

Aegina de Spencer bears:  Gules, a mascle of two ribbons entwined, two ends pendant from chief Or, thereon in cross four sunflowers proper.

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