Quill pen transfixing an escroll fesswise (Period)

Quill pen transfixing an escroll fesswise (Period)

An escroll is a strip of parchment or paper, frequently with writing upon it, transfixed or held in place by a larger charge.  By its definition, it can never be used alone, or as a primary charge.  The escroll is a period charge, used in the arms of Sir Roger de Clarendon, d.1402 [Parker 238].  It has no default orientation, though it is usually assumed to be at right angles to whatever charge is transfixing it.

The illustration shows a quill pen transfixing an escroll fesswise.  For related charges, see ribbon, scroll.

Ieuan Gower bears:  Sable, an ostrich feather transfixing an escroll fesswise between in bend sinister two mullets Or.

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