Gemmed ring (Period)

Gemmed ring (Period)

A ring is a piece of jewelry worn on the finger, consisting of a precious metal band set with gems.  It is termed a “gemmed (or finger) ring” to distinguish it from an annulet.  The gemmed ring is a period charge, found in the arms of von Enzberg, c.1450 [Ingeram 104; also Siebmacher 110]; the gemstone is to chief by default.

The Baron of Stromgard bears as a badge:  A gem ring argent gemmed gules.

Katerina von Altenstein bears:  Or, a raven and on a chief sable three finger rings Or gemmed argent.

Sofiye Darkhawk bears:  Argent, a wolf statant erect contourny reguardant sable, breathing flames and sustaining a finger ring gules, gemmed azure.

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