Panpipe (Accepted)

Panpipe (Accepted)

A panpipe is a musical instrument consisting of a row of tubes of increasing lengths, bound together at the ends, and played by blowing across the openings; it’s sometimes more fully termed a “set of panpipes”, or on occasion a “syrinx”.  It was considered a “rustic” or folk instrument in period; it’s seen in a late-14th C. illustrated copy of the Romance of the Rose [Baines 248].  No examples of panpipes have been found in period armory.

The panpipe is palewise by Society default.  The placement of the longest pipe (dexter or sinister), and the number of pipes, seem to be artist’s license; four or seven pipes are most common.  For related charges, see clarion.

Franque ui Cruthnye bears:  Ermine, a pale engrailed sable between a sword and a syrinx vert, on a chief engrailed sable seven estoiles argent.

Alys Chauntrey bears:  Vert, three panpipes Or.

Iuliana Morosini bears:  Argent, a panpipe azure.

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