Pantheon rampant (Period)

Pantheon rampant (Period)

The pantheon is an heraldic monster with the body of a hind, the bushy tail of a fox, cloven hooves, and completely strewn with mullets or estoiles.  It’s a period charge, dating from 1531 as the crest of Baynham [Dennys 159].  One period manuscript gives its “proper” tinctures as gules, with argent stars; but no proper tinctures are acknowledged for the pantheon in Society heraldry.

The pantheon does not seem to have a default posture; the illustration shows a pantheon rampant.

Jessica of the Old Forest bears:  Argent, two pantheons combatant azure, mullety argent.

Erlwin Nikolaus vom Schwarzwald bears:  Per saltire pean and Or, a pantheon rampant gules, mullety of six points Or.

Katerina von Brandenberg bears:  Per pale purpure and argent, two pantheons combatant mullety of six points all counterchanged.

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