Clarion (Period)

Clarion (Period)

A clarion is one of the oldest of heraldic charges, dating from c.1285 in the arms of Greville [ANA2 301]; in period it was also called a “claricord”, “claricymbal”, “rest”, or “sufflue”.  There had been some debate over what exactly the clarion is meant to be:  suggestions have included a spear rest, an air feed for a pipe organ, or even a rudder.  Most modern authorities agree it’s a type of musical instrument, a mouth organ akin to a panpipe [Friar 253].

Robin Clarian bears:  Per chevron azure and argent, three clarions counterchanged.

Ava Trudine of Tregoenning bears:  Vert, a clarion argent.

Balian de Brionne bears:  Azure, three clarions argent.

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