Heart (Period)

Heart (Period)

A heart is that organ which pumps blood through the veins.  It is drawn in a stylized shape, much as found on modern valentines.  The heart is found as an heraldic charge as early as c.1330, in the arms of Douglas [Wagner 50; also Gelre 64].  Mundanely, its “proper” coloration is red; Society practice would simply blazon it “gules”.  See also seeblatt.

The Order of the Dragon’s Heart, of the Middle, bears:  Argent, a heart vert scaly argent.

Malinda Angelanne Hohen van Kester bears:  Per fess embattled azure and argent, a heart gules.

Sabiha al-Zarqa’ al-Karakiyya bears:  Sable, in chief three hearts argent.

Teresa Maria Isabella Castro bears:  Or, six hearts sable.

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