Seeblatt (Period)

Seeblatt (Period)

A seeblatt is a Germanic representation of a water-lily leaf, drawn in a highly stylized manner:  heart-shaped, with a cruciform or trefoil incision in chief.  It is a period charge, found in the arms of Ribbing, 1295 [Volborth 131].  Note that “seeblätter” is the usual plural form of “seeblatt”.

In Society armory, a correctly drawn seeblatt is now granted difference from a heart.  For related charges, see nesselblatt.

Clarissa Wykeham bears:  Or, a seeblatt azure.

Rebecca Marchand d’Alsace bears:  Vert, a seeblatt argent.

Angharad Caprioli Amante bears:  Per chevron sable and gules, three seeblätter argent.

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