Head, monster’s

Dragon's head couped (Period)

Dragon’s head couped (Period)

Keythong's head erased (Period)

Keythong’s head erased (Period)

Monsters’ heads follow the same conventions as animals’ heads.  There are some special items of note:  for example, the dragon’s head is severed at the shoulders unless otherwise specified; the term is sometimes used to denote the prow of a Viking drakkar.  The male griffin or keythong’s head is shown with rays and spikes issuant, to distinguish it from a standard griffin’s head.

Most of the other characteristics of any monster’s head may be found in the entry for that monster.



Musimon's head couped (Period)

Musimon’s head couped (Period)

The illustrations show a dragon’s head couped, a keythong’s head erased, and a musimon’s head couped.

Zenobia Naphtali bears:  Per chevron Or and sable, three griffin’s heads erased and sinister facing counterchanged.

Erik Wulfriksson bears:  Azure, a dragon’s head issuant from base argent.

Carol Stewart of Horsehill bears:  Vert, a musimon’s head erased argent, horns wreathed Or and sable.

Isabella d’Hiver bears:  Azure, a unicorn’s head couped argent collared gules.

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