Fox courant (Period)

Fox courant (Period)

The fox is a canine beast with a narrow snout and bushy tail; its reputation is one of slyness and craft.  It is found in the canting arms of Fuchs, c.1450 [Ingeram 149].  If blazoned a “vixen”, the female fox is intended.

The fox seems to have no default posture; the illustration shows a fox courant.  Society heraldry defines a “fox proper” as red, with black “socks” and a white tip on the tail.  For related charges, see dog, hyena, wolf.

Ciara Sinikettu bears:  Or ermined vert, a fox courant azure.

Wakeline de Foxley bears:  Per pale azure and gules, three foxes rampant Or.

Ynhared Dewines y Glyndu bears:  Sable, a vixen rampant proper.

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