Hyena statant (Period)

Hyena statant (Period)

The hyena is a beast known for its cruelty and madness.  It is distinguished by the ridge of hair down its back, and its lion-like tail.  The hyena is described in period heraldic tracts [Bossewell II.49], but no examples are known of its actual use in period heraldry.  It doesn’t seem to have a default posture; the illustration shows a hyena statant.

Though not biologically a canine, the Society classes the hyena as a canine for conflict purposes.  For related charges, see dog, fox, wolf.

Oriel Gibberish bears:  Purpure, a hyena statant contourny argent semy of roundels purpure, a chief argent.

Andras le Lâche d’Armorique bears:  Azure, a hyena salient to sinister ermine, charged on the shoulder with a heart sable.

Damian Mortmain bears:  Per saltire azure and sable, a hyena passant argent marked sable maintaining in its mouth an arm proper, a bordure wavy argent.

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