Fret (Period)

Fret (Period)

A fret is an ancient heraldic charge, consisting of a bend and a bend sinister, interlaced with a mascle.  It is sometimes blazoned a “Harrington knot”, in the medieval arms of that family (and., when couped, as their badge as well).  The fret evolved from the fretty field, when the edges of the field were misdrawn, around 1312; it was soon considered a charge in its own right, though still sometimes interchanged with fretty.  For that reason, fretty and the fret are negligibly different in Society heraldry:  “Sable, a fret Or” and “Sable fretty Or” are treated as the same design.  For related charges, see knot.

The Baron of Altavia bears:  Argent, a fret sable and on a chief vert a laurel wreath argent.

Brianna of Kilkenny bears:  Gyronny argent and sable, a fret vert.

Martin Ragnarsson bears:  Quarterly sable and argent, a fret counterchanged.

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