Cypher charges

Cypher charges are peculiar abstract designs, runic rather than pictorial in nature.  They were most frequently found in Polish armory, where they date from at least the 14th Century [Gelre 54], and in German hausmarken.  In many cases, they were not (and are not) blazonable in standard Western European heraldic terminology, but may still be blazonable by their parts, conjoined:  cypher charges which can be so blazoned are permitted in Society armory.

For specific entries, see chi-rho, rogacina.  See also cross, letters.

Antek Ignatovich bears:  Azure, a cross couped of three crossbars, missing the dexter base arm, a bordure embattled argent.

Aron Niedźwiedź bears as a badge:  In pale a cross couped between and conjoined to two chevronels couped sable.

Jan Janowicz Bogdanski bears as a badge:  A horseshoe ensigned with a cross couped fitchy azure.

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