Rogacina doubly crossed (Period)

Rogacina doubly crossed (Period)

A rogacina is a cypher charge from Polish heraldry, resembling a broadarrow mounted on a straight shaft.  It was used in the arms of the Powała or Ogonczyk herb, c.1460 [GATD 120].  The rogacina was frequently misblazoned in Western Europe as an “arrow” or “arrowhead”.  The rogacina has its point to chief by mundane and Society default.

The shaft of the rogacina was frequently treated in some way:  singly or doubly crossed, forked, or conjoined to another charge (e.g., another rogacina, a demi-annulet, &c).  As these details can count for difference, they must be explicitly blazoned.  The illustration shows a rogacina doubly crossed.  See also letters, pheon.

Angharad Rose Tewdwr of Pembroke bears:  Azure, a rogacina crossed and fourchy argent.

Vitus Polonius bears:  Per bend gules and sable, a rogacina doubly crossed and fourchy argent.

Vytautas Vilkas bears:  Per pale vert and sable, a rogacina bendwise sinister doubly crossed and fourchy argent.

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