Daisy (Period)

Daisy (Period)

The daisy is a bright, cheerful flower, the medieval symbol of innocence.  It is a period charge, found in the canting arms of Day, 1543 [Parker 193].  It may also be blazoned a “marguerite”, especially for canting purposes.  The daisy is shown affronty by default; its “proper” tincture is argent, seeded (or “eyed”) Or.

Similar to the daisy is the “sunflower”, also known as a “heliotrope”:  a larger flower with more prominent seeding.  When “proper”, the sunflower is Or, with its seeding either black or brown at the artist’s discretion.  It’s found in the arms of Florio, 1614 [Parker 559].

Ealasaid of the Isles bears:  Purpure, three daisies argent seeded Or.

Margaret MacIain of Lochwood bears:  Gyronny purpure and Or, each Or gyron charged with a daisy azure.

Cristina Rose da Napoli bears:  Azure, a sunflower proper, on a chief argent three goblets gules.

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