Crampet (Period)

Crampet (Period)

A crampet is the metal ferrule at the tip of a scabbard; it may also be blazoned as a “chape”, “bouterol”, or “boteroll”.  Heraldry texts [e.g., Parker 566] show a variety of forms for the crampet, but all have a closed bottom and the upper ends split into two prongs, one of which is bent inward; the illustration is taken from the standard of the Lord de la Warr, c.1520, whose badge it was [Walden 184].

Lillia de Vaux bears: Argent semy of crampets, a bend azure.

John Drake bears: Sable, three crampets Or.

Machteld Cleine bears: Argent, a crampet vert.

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