Scabbard (Period)

Scabbard (Period)

A scabbard is a sheath for a sword or other bladed weapon.  In period armory, it is usually found enclosing the sword; in Society armory, it is occasionally found as a separate charge in its own right.

The scabbard is point to base by default when empty, or when worn on the belt (empty or not), or when the sword is being drawn.  When the sword is sheathed within it (the two forming a single visual unit), the scabbard is point up by Society and English default, following the sword’s default (as in the arms of Gelibrand or Jelibrand, temp. Henry VIII [Parker 566], or of the City of Gloucester, 1536 [Hope 71]), while the point is down by Continental default (as in the arms of Pot, d.1430) [GATD 150].

The Windmaster’s Hill Guild for the Appreciation of the Opposite Sex bears:  Per chevron azure and vert, in dexter a claymore proper, in sinister a scabbard argent mounted Or.

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