Cradle (Accepted)

Cradle (Accepted)

A cradle is a small bed or cot on rockers, for lulling an infant to sleep.  Though a period artifact, it does not seem to have been used as an heraldic charge.  The cradle took many forms in period; the illustration is based on an illumination in the Hours of Catherine of Cleves, c.1440 [fo.52].  The cradle’s default orientation in Society armory is in profile (or slight trian aspect), with the “head-pillow” end to dexter.

Period armory gives us examples of the “bassinet”, a broad shallow wicker basket for bedding infants.  The bassinet is shown containing a swaddled infant, as in the crest of the Earls of Derby, mid-15th C. [HCE xxvii].  See also Roman dining couch.

Gloria Kirkhouse of Tain bears:  Gules, on a cradle Or two towers sable, all within a bordure Or.

Abigail of Lorraine bears:  Azure, a cradle within an orle of thimbles Or.

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