Clove (Period); Japanese clove (Accepted, but probable SFPP)

Clove (Period); Japanese clove (Accepted, but probable SFPP)

A clove is a dried flower bud of the clove tree; it is considered a fruit for purposes of heraldic classification.  The clove is a period charge, found in the arms of the Worshipful Company of Grocers, 1532 [Bromley & Child 129].  Its “proper” tincture is dark brown.

There is also the “Japanese clove” (choji), a highly stylized rendering used in Mon [Hawley 35].  No period instances of its use have been adduced, but at this writing it remains acceptable for Society use.

Gwyneth Espicier bears:  Argent, a cinnamon tree eradicated vert within a bordure wavy azure semy of cloves argent.

Michael o Glofau bears:  Gules, a clove Or.

Yamakado Choji bears:  Sable, a Japanese clove within three crane’s heads couped at the shoulders in annulo argent.

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