Two clouds (Period, Disallowed)

Two clouds (Period, Disallowed)

A cloud is a mass of condensed water vapor, suspended in the atmosphere.  In heraldry, clouds are usually found in conjunction with rainbows, winds, sunbursts, and the like; but they are occasionally found as independent charges.  The illustration shows a period and a modern depiction of clouds; the period form (in chief) is taken from the arms of the Worshipful Company of Drapers, granted 1439 [Bromley & Child 72].  The modern form has been disallowed, pending documentation.  See also heavenly bodies.

Elisabetta Tempesta bears:  Azure, three clouds argent.

Brigid of Skye bears:  Per chevron azure and argent, three clouds counterchanged.

Anne Liese Wolkenhaar bears:  Or, a cloud azure between flaunches vert.

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