Caltrap (Period)

Caltrap (Period)

A caltrap, or caltrop, is an iron device with four spikes; caltraps were strewn before enemy horsemen to hinder their progress.  The spikes are so arranged that, no matter how the caltrap lands, one spike is always vertical.  In heraldry, the caltrap thus has a point to chief by default.  It’s found in the arms of Creston, c.1520 [DBA2 222], and the canting arms of Trappe, 1563 [Woodward 353].  See also mullet.

Selena of the Northern Woods bears:  Sable, a caltrap Or.

Toen Fitzwilliam bears:  Vert semy of caltrops argent.

Fiona nic Kineth bears:  Per pale gules and argent, two caltraps counterchanged.

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