Calygreyhound rampant guardant (Period)

Calygreyhound rampant guardant (Period)

This monster has a cat’s face, a tufted body and tail, eagle’s forelegs, and frond-like horns.  It is period, dating from the mid-15th Century, as a badge of the de Veres, Earls of Oxford [Dennys 153].

The calygreyhound does not appear to have a default posture; the illustration shows a calygreyhound rampant guardant.

The Baron of Rivenoak bears:  Quarterly Or and argent, a calygreyhound rampant to sinister between three laurel wreaths sable.

Arin Sturrock of Appin bears:  Bendy of six argent and azure, a calygreyhound rampant guardant Or.

Eowyn Feemaister bears:  Or, two calygreyhounds combattant guardant sable.

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