Caldera gringolada

Caldera gringolada (Period)

Caldera gringolada (Period)

A caldera gringolada is a charge from Iberian armory, consisting of a stylized cauldron with multiple serpents’ heads issuant from the opening (or the ends of the bail).  (The name derives from the same root as the cross gringoly.)  It’s a period charge, found in the arms of Pacheco, c.1540 [Nobreza xvii], and appears to be uniquely Iberian.

As an artistic variant, the Society grants no difference between a standard cauldron and a caldera gringolada. For related charges, see pot.

Selene Colfox bears as a badge: A caldera gringolada barry sable and Or, the serpents Or.

Esmeria de Rus bears: Purpure, a caldera gringolada barry Or and sable, the serpents argent.

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