Alphyn passant (Period)

Alphyn passant (Period)

The alphyn is a monster with a body similar to that of a tyger; its other characteristics vary, but it is most commonly shown with eagle’s forelegs and a knotted tail.  It was used as a badge by the Lords de la Warre, c.1476 [Dennys 146].  Etymological evidence suggests that the alphyn and the enfield are both variants of the same non-heraldic monster.

The alphyn does not seem to have a default posture; the illustration shows an alphyn passant.

Angelo di Antonio Machiavelli bears:  Quarterly sable and azure, an alphyn passant argent.

Alyson Throckmorton bears:  Lozengy vert and Or, an alphyn passant purpure.

Dunstan Godricson bears:  Per fess and per chevron throughout gules and argent, three alphyns passant argent.

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