Enfield rampant (Accepted)

Enfield rampant (Accepted)

The enfield is a chimerical monster, with the body of a greyhound, the head of a fox, the forelimbs of an eagle, and the hindquarters and tail of a wolf.  It’s been described as “a relative latecomer” to the heraldic scene [Dennys 156]; though no period examples of the enfield have yet been found, its form is in keeping with other monsters of the Tudor era.  The enfield is thus accepted for Society use.

Some etymological arguments suggest that the enfield and the alphyn are both variants of the same non-heraldic monster.

The enfield doesn’t seem to have a default posture; the illustration shows an enfield rampant.

Elayne Greybeard the Eclectic bears:  Vert, an enfield rampant guardant to sinister Or.

Lucrezia Lorenz bears:  Sable, an enfield passant to sinister Or.

Tavotai Koghunnoxaiyin bears:  Per fess Or and gules, an enfield rampant counterchanged.

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