Altar (Period)

Altar (Period)

An altar is a stone block or pillar topped with a flame.  The flame, though part of the definition of the charge, is nonetheless sometimes specified:  e.g., “an altar flammant”.  The heraldic altar appears to represent a Pagan altar, rather than the Christian or Jewish altars [Franklyn 7]; it’s found in the arms of Tendryngg, 1340 [DBA3 357].  See also edifice.

Arthur Glendower bears:  Or, between two lions combatant azure an altar sable flammant gules.

Una MacRobert bears:  Vert, an altar argent between three vols Or.

Asa Gormsdottir bears:  Per chevron sable and gules, four bezants and an altar argent enflamed Or.

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