Turnip slipped and leaved (Period)

Turnip slipped and leaved (Period)

The turnip is a root vegetable with a bitter taste, which was nonetheless widely cultivated in medieval times (since it will grow almost anywhere).  It’s a period charge, found in the arms of Am Hard, c.1340 [Zurich 266].

A “turnip proper” in period would be mostly white (with some purple near the stem) with green leaves; the Society defines a “turnip proper” as (roughly) per fess wavy purpure and argent, slipped and/or leaved vert.  Its leaves are to chief by default.  See also fruit.

Jenifer of Squalid Manor bears:  Or, a turnip purpure, leaved vert, distilling a goutte de sang.

Helena Caxton bears:  Vert, a turnip argent.

Ysabelot Clarisse bears as a badge:  A turnip bendwise proper.

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