Tulip slipped and leaved (Accepted)

Tulip slipped and leaved (Accepted)

The tulip is a cup-shaped flower originally from Persia, and brought to Europe in the 16th Century; though it was cultivated in many countries, its strongest association is with Holland [EB XXVII:366].  Because of its late introduction to Europe, it’s not surprising that no examples of tulips have been found in period armory.

Like most cup-shaped flowers, the tulip is shown in profile by Society default.  The petals should be shown opened:  the use of the tulip bud, like the rose bud, is not permitted.  The illustration shows a tulip slipped and leaved; it’s taken from Conrad Gesner’s De Hortis Germaniae Liber Recens, 1561.  See also iris, lily.

Dai of the Tulips bears:  Argent, a tulip gules slipped and leaved vert.

Anna de Brabant bears:  Per saltire argent and Or, a tulip flower sable.

Beatrix van der See bears:  Per fess wavy vert and barry wavy argent and azure, in chief three tulips Or.

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