Iris slipped and leaved (Accepted)

Iris slipped and leaved (Accepted)

The iris is a flower with sword-shaped leaves and drooping petals.  In heraldry texts [e.g., Woodward 333], it’s mentioned alongside the lily; but while the lily is often found in period heraldry, no examples have been found of the iris, so blazoned.  As a consequence, the iris has no stylized heraldic form; Society examples are usually depicted as found in nature.  The illustration shows an iris slipped and leaved.  See also tulip.

Keridwen of Montrose bears:  Per chevron counter-ermine and argent, in base an iris azure, slipped and leaved vert.

Rachel Ashton bears:  Or, three irises one and two purpure, cupped vert.

Sionett Roberts bears:  Vert, three irises one and two Or.

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